CMS - Content Management Systems

They are designed to do exactly as the name sounds; its a system that allows the layman to manage the content on their website without having to know any code. This allows the business owner or website owner to make timely changes to there website without being dependent on someone else to do it. This is essential for adding blog posts, news updates, calendar events, product launches, adding a new employee to a staff directory, and so much more. Its also just as important for removing outdated content in a timely manner, products that are no longer in stock or services no longer provided, price changes for 'sales' periods.

Though we've worked with numerous Content Management Systems the primary two that we endorse are Wordpress and Concrete5.



Wordpress is the industry leader for CMS. With more users worldwide than any other system it has become a household name and will continue strong into the future based on its current momentum. With so many users worldwide Wordpress has established vast network of contributors that provide numerous options for adding supplemental functionality to enhance your website and business offerings, whether that's a powerfully dynamic image with interactive functionality and calls to action, a WooCommerce shopping cart, or Yoast's advanced SEO management systems. You name it, the possibilities are truly endless with Wordpress. There are two minor shortcomings to Wordpress: 1) a less than intuitive editing interface that is not likely to change any time soon given their well established methodology; 2) Sometimes less than stellar support in their vast spectrum of additional offerings. Sometimes having so many options means you may occasionally opt for a 'lemon'. Unfortunately, there is sometimes no replacement for trial and error.



Concrete5 is the perfect response to the two weaknesses of Wordpress above. Concrete5 rode in on the wave of WYSIWYG editing that predominates most CMS's today. Wordpress is aspiring to meet that trend with its Gutenberg Editor, but it is a heavy handed approach to the sleek in page editing of Concrete5. The simple and clean interface of Concrete5 makes it a much easier system for the layman to embrace for do it yourself editing. This website was built on Concrete5 and is ultimately our in house preference that we recommend over Wordpress. The second thing about Concrete5 is its straightforward simplicity that makes it a breeze for cosmetic customizations and functional enhancements, that aren't as readily achievable in Wordpress. Though Wordpress themes are customizable the network of files on the back end are far more complex and have a greater frequency of internal conflicts with supplementary plug-ins or add ons than Concrete5. The drawback with concrete5 is that it isnt as established in the marketplace, so supplemental 'out of the box' addons aren't as prolific. That said, its limited options are of a higher caliber and less likely to pose complex or elusive internal conflicts' or what coders call 'bugs'.

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